Soil Foundry’s Approach

At The Soil Foundry we recognize that each farmer and consultant manage their businesses differently and need various levels of support to make informed decisions. We treat every customer individually and begin first by understanding your priorities for your operation.

We begin by reviewing your farm management practices and yield trends and further understanding your goals for success. From there we determine the most effective pathway and which services will help you achieve those goals. Determining your Soil Sampling Methodology and identifying the data you wish to gather are the first steps toward achieving results that positively impact your farming operation.

The Soil Foundry provides soil and tissue sampling as well as soil and tissue analysis.  Soil sampling methodologies can often provide vastly different results for soil taken from the same location. The number of samples taken, location & depth of samples, and time of year are all variables that can impact the lab results, as well as variance between testing labs. The Soil Foundry partners with a reputable lab to provide accurate lab analysis. Based upon the test results as well as taking into consideration yield, weather conditions and farm management practices we provide nutrient and application analysis by using farm management software.

Seeding and fertility recommendations are delivered in file formats ready for in-cab monitors which make it easy and convenient to utilize and evaluate year-end results. In-season scouting and evaluation contribute to year-end decisions and planning for years to come. We offer farm management software that enables you to collect all data in one location and provides ease when evaluating year-end results. Year-end results are combined into summary reports that we review with you to make informed seeding, chemical and fertility decisions for future planting seasons.

Understanding soil properties and nutrient test values are imperative to maximize the advancements in planting technology.

At The Soil Foundry, we offer soil analysis and fertility prescription based upon your farm management practices and the nutrients available in your soils.