Whether you’re a precision equipment dealer, seed rep, cover crop specialist, soil sampler, or nutrient consultant, you likely understand and value effective soil analysis results and recommendations. However, your ability to offer these professional services may be constrained by time, experience, and labor.

At The Soil Foundry, we provide services with varying levels of support to meet your needs and help you continue to do what you do best. Chat with us today to learn how you can easily expand your service offerings to provide value to your customers without having to hire/train additional employees. Our services offered include:

Back Office Technical Support

  • Operating Software
  • Services Branded for your Business

Soil and Tissue Pulling/Analysis

  • Field pulling services
  • Mapping services and reports
  • Lab tests for primary, secondary and micronutrients for crop fertilization analysis
  • Soil nitrate pulling and testing
  • Plant – tissue pulling and testing
  • Soybean cyst nematode testing
  • Corn nematode testing

Precision Ag Software

  • Mapping / GPS
  • Data / Yield Analysis
  • VRT / Zones / Spread Files
  • Work Orders / Order Management
  • Grower access to web-based software
Agronomic Analytics / Products

  • Seed and Agronomic Analytics
  • Input Price Transparency
  • Farm and Team Operations
  • Data Integrations and Storage
  • Crop Marketing / Market Alerts
  • Financing
  • Chemical and Fertilizer procurement
  • Mobile Apps

Consulting for Consultants

  • Agreed-upon services to improve a consultant’s efficiency
  • Advanced recommendation creation based on consultant’s specifications
  • Administrative/Office Support (i.e. mapping, invoicing, tech support, etc.).