Farm Management Software

The Soil Foundry is proud to offer you I.F.A.R.M, an independently owned and developed software program. Not only is it simple to use, but it was designed, developed, and supported by precision agricultural professionals and agronomists.

I.F.A.R.M. retains everything about your fields in one convenient location. Not only does it store your information, but it provides you with:

Data Management

  • Organizes as needed
  • Copy To-Move Functions
  • Summary Reports

Mapping Tools

  • Edit/Split/Sub-Fields/Attributes
  • CLU Layer/Quickly Create Fields

Data Viewing/Analysis

  • Soil/Yield/Imagery/Veris/As-Applied
  • Reports

Sample Management

  • Soil Test Results/Yield Correlation
  • Reports

Yield/As-Applied Editing/Imagery

  • Cleaning Raw Data

Target Sample

  • Soil Test Point Creation/Placement
  • From Data Layers/Grid/Zones


  • Batch/Booklet Reporting

Spread Maps

  • RX/VRT/Equations
  • Zone Creation/Flat Rates
  • Soil Zone/Flat Rates
  • Saved Setups/Applications
Advanced Zones

  • Zone Creation/Editing/Saving Zones
  • Advanced Rx/Apply Flat Rates to Rx to each zone
  • Generate one file to capture all VRT applications

Field Summary Report

  • Log Each Field Event/Save to Profile
  • Planting/Fertilizer/Pesticides/Cover Crop/Tillage/Growth Stages

Data Uploads/Exports/Mass Uploads

  • Upload Many Data Types
  • Export Many Data Types/Options

Onsite/Data Transfer/Telematics

  • Fully Integrated with Onsite
  • – Climate FieldView
  • Raven Slingshot – AgSolver
  • Precision Planting – CNH – AGCo

Work Order System

  • Online Order Placement (soil/tissue)
  • Order Manager (track orders)
  • Dispatch Order System

Agvance Integration

  • RX to Planning/Blending
  • Planned: Soil Data Direct
  • Need to get boundaries/data to migrate

Mobile App

  • Mobile Website
  • All mobile devices can use website
  • 60% of features available