A La Carte Services

At The Soil Foundry, we provide services with varying levels of support to meet your needs and help you continue to do what you do best. Chat with us today to learn how you can easily expand your service offerings to provide value to your customers without having to hire/train additional employees. Our services offered include:

Consulting – Farm Plan

  • Entry level / agronomy access
  • Chemical plan review
  • Fertility plan review
  • Operation improvement recommendations

Introductory Service

  • Customer-chosen program acres
  • Soil sampling on every program acre
  • Agronomist consulting for crop/soil management decisions for program acres
  • VRT and/or Flat Rate recs based on soil and/or yield data (i.e. P, K, lime, N); from state recommendation standards
  • VRT Seeding recommendations
  • VRT files (seed/fertilizer) will be created and delivered for the required controller.
    Files compatible with major GIS systems
  • Summary reports developed to evaluate management practices/yield trends

Whole Farm Program

  • Same services as the Introductory Service program
  • Soil sampling on every farm acre on client-agreed sampling cycle
  • Every acre has analysis/records done every year

Consulting for Consultants

  • Agreed-upon services to improve a consultant’s efficiency
  • Advanced rec creation based on host consultant’s specifications
  • Admin/office support (i.e. mapping, invoicing, tech support, etc.


  • In-season scouting as mutually agreed.